Essex County New Jersey Tax Board

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This website has been designed to provide property owners and real estate related professionals with a variety of information concerning the Ad Valorem tax process, more commonly known as the property tax assessment process.


Partial Listing of Important Tax Appeal Hearing Rules & Reminders

  • Added & Omitted assessment deadline is: Monday, December 1, 2014 at 4:00pm. Any and all appeals must be received in the office by that time not merely postmarked.
  • Adjournments will only be granted for an extreme hardship and must be requested in advance or your hearing. In the event an adjournment is granted your evidence must be submitted seven (7) days prior to your original hearing date. Only one (1) adjournment will be possibly granted.
  • You cannot compare the assessments of other properties as evidence in your appeal.
  • The amount of taxes you pay is not relevant evidence and will not be considered in regard to your appeal.
  • All municipal charges (taxes, water & sewer) must be paid through the first quarter (February 1, 2014). If not you case could be dismissed for non-payment of municipal charges.
New Property Tax Brochure

This handy guide to property taxes in New Jersey is available for free download.